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Economist audio podcast: Yossi Mekelberg on Gaza, 8 Jan 2009

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Yossi Mekelberg on Gaza
The timing is not an accident
An associate fellow at Chatham House on whether the recent conflict in Gaza was a corridor to somewhere or just another round of violence.
In hindsight, some of Yossi’s analysis turned out to be wishful thinking.  

New York Times: U.S. Helps Palestinians Build Force for Security

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This is the kind of news that you don’t often hear about.  

Haaretz: Anshel Pfeffer / How IDF testimonies led to the ‘Haaretz blood libel’

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This is an interesting by the Haaretz journalist who broke the story about allegations of IDF abuses of Palestinians during the war in Gaza in 2008.

What is noteworthy is that Anshel Pfeffer wouldn’t come across as a stereotypical ‘leftie. The journalist even make a small concession to the prolific centre-right-wing blogger in UK, Melanie Philip. However the conclusion of this article makes a very strong case that concerns about how one’s opinion is abused by ‘opponents’ should not be a basis for self-censorship.

“Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East,” they constantly say in its defense. We also believe that. But if we were to refrain from voicing our concerns over the direction in which the country has been going for too long, it would not be much of a democracy any more. And if we were to ask ourselves, before publishing every report, how it will be used by Israel’s ill-wishers, that would surely be the ultimate capitulation to anti-Semitism.

Economist podcast from Rami Khouri, editor @ Daily Star in Beirut, on the recent war in Gaza

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Found this interesting podcast.

Some thoughts…